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    Zhangjiagang Auto-well Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.

    Aquatic products, Milk series packaging

    2017-09-27 13:48:00

    Aquatic products

    Live, fresh water products packaging

    Fresh aquatic products in the packaging process, in order to maintain its unique flavor and freshness, packaging requirements to prevent the evaporation of water and bacteria secondary pollution, while minimizing the oxidation of aquatic products of lipid oxidation, to prevent product drops Juice and odor pollution. General fresh fish and shellfish food in the plate, the use of vinyl chloride plastic, polyethylene, polystyrene, polystyrene stretch film wrapped; high-grade shrimp, scallops and other food, the use of foam PS containers Chen Fang, and then use high Polymeric / EVA film sealed wrapped; sardines and saury and other fresh fish is on the plate, and then vinyl acetate plastic stretch film wrapped.

    Frozen aquatic products

    Frozen aquatic products are covered in frozen blocks, using woven bags, plastic bags, wooden boxes, cartons and foam cartons and other packaging materials storage and transportation packaging, in order to facilitate transport and storage.

    Dry, salt water product packaging

    Shrimp, scallops, dried fish, dried squid, salted fish and other dry salt water products generally use small plastic bags directly small package, and then according to the specific circumstances of the middle packaging and storage and transportation packaging.

    Canned packaging of aquatic products

    Aquatic products canned aquatic products, the use of vacuum sealed packaging, can effectively prevent bacterial contamination.

    Milk series

    Liquid milk packaging

    The most commonly used liquid milk packaging on the market is Tetra Pak and Kangmei box (for ultra-high temperature sterilized milk packaging), Tetra Pak (for ultra-high temperature instantaneous sterilization milk packaging), roof package and sterile composite film made of Gabriel bags and other plastic bags (for micro-milk packaging), glass bottles (for pasteurized milk, seasoning milk and yogurt packaging). Yogurt as a special liquid milk, packaging requirements are low temperature resistance, good barrier, easy to drink, there are drinking accessories, the main packaging PP and PS cup.

    Solid dairy packaging

    Milk powder packaging mainly metal containers, composite flexible packaging and multi-layer composite paper bag packaging. Metal containers are mainly aluminum and tinplate material, milk powder canned after the vacuum, filled with more than 99% purity nitrogen seal. The composite bag milk powder is usually low price, and the form of diverse, flexible specifications, but the shelf life is relatively short. Multi-layer composite paper bag packaging is the use of paper and high barrier materials combined, and then made into a variety of forms of bags, the general use of small bags of bags filled with protective gas, followed by use, reduce the probability of milk powder exposed in the air Better keep the quality of milk powder.

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