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    Principles of Food Packaging

    2017-09-12 17:15:33

    The purpose of food packaging is to protect food from environmental factors, to prevent food deterioration and food safety. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the requirements of food packaging is also getting higher and higher, not only beautiful, economical, practical, but also in line with environmental requirements. At present, the food packaging industry is rapidly rising and the food packaging market is growing. In 2015, market research firm MarketsandMarkets released a report on the food packaging market, according to the material, type, application, forecast the global food packaging market will reach 3 in 2019 $ 059 million.

    Principles of Food Packaging

    Food deterioration is the result of a combination of physical, chemical and biological metamorphism. Highly sensitive organic compounds and inorganic compounds in food, the unique biological structures and dispersions that determine the food consistency of the food texture are affected by the natural environment or the effects of various variables in the environment, oxygen, moisture, light and other Radiation, cold, heat, dryness, natural food enzymes, microbes and large organisms, contaminants and storage time will affect the quality of food.

    With the development of social and economic and consumer living standards, the improvement of consumer quality, people put forward greater demands on food - safe and convenient. Food packaging as a necessary part of food, and people's daily life increasingly close relationship, has a broad market prospects. Therefore, the food packaging materials and packaging technology research, to protect the food intrinsic nutrients, extend the shelf life, eliminate potential pollution and deep damage requirements, and promote the progress of the food industry as a whole.

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