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    Zhangjiagang Auto-well Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.

    Aluminum foil container machine 03

    Aluminum foil container machine 03

    aluminum foil container machine 03


    Aluminum foil food container machine

    -For the Aluminum container machine , we have different size :25T, 45T, 63T, 80T and 110T

    Generally 45T press is most popular in market .


    1. Auto Feeder (with an auto-lubricator)

    2. Siemens Electrical control panel

    3. 45 ton Yangli brand pneumatic press

    4. Mould

    5. Collection desk

    6.Aoto-conveyor (optional)

    7. Auto-stacker (optional)

    8. scrap collector (optional)

    9. scrap baler (optional)


    Specification :
    1)Specification of Auto-Lubricator Feeder:
    Max. Material Roll Dia.: 650mm
    Max. Material Roll Width: 650mm
    Feeding Speed: 10-30M/min
    Feeding Length: 30-900mm
    Feeding Tolerance: +/-0.3mm
    Capacity: 1Kw

    2)Specification of 45T Pneumatic Punch:
    Pressure: 400KN
    Hole Size of Collecting Table: 300*300mm
    Production Output: 40-80times/min
    Board Thickness of Collecting Table: 50mm
    Max. Height of Mould: 290mm

    Slide Board Size: 220*400mm 


    -For the machine we have two type :

    **Semi-automatic aluminum container machine

    (including automatic feeder ,YANGLI Brand press , Siemens PLC, ABB INVERTER, XILIN servo motor with collecting table)


    **Full automatic aluminum container machine

    (including automatic feeder ,YANGLI Brand press , Siemens PLC, ABB INVERTER, XILIN servo motor , Scrap collector , Automatic Counter &Stacker)


    -For the mould , 2a, 60a , 240ml, 450ml, 750ml are the most popular size in market .these sizes can be made into two cavity mould , then working on the press .


    As following here is machine details :

    Automatic Feeder(with lubricating system):


    -Specification :

    Max. Material Roll Dia.: 650mm

    Max. Material Roll Width: 650mm

    Feeding Speed:10-30M/min

    Feeding Length: 30-900mm

    Feeding Tolerance: +/-0.3mm

    Capacity: 4Kw

    Voltage: 380V/220V


    Dimension: 1200x1200x1100mm (L*W*H)

    Length Controller:700x720x550mm (L*W*H)


    Yangli Brand Press:

    -Specification :

    Pressure: 450KN

    Hole Size of Collecting Table: 300*300mm

    Production Output: 40-80times/min

    Board Thickness of Collecting Table: 50mm

    Max. Height of Mould: 290mm(excluded working plate 50mm)

    Slide Board Size: 220*400mm

    The Distance from Center of Slide Piece and Punch Unit: 340mm

    The adjustment height of Installation of Mould: 60mm

    Size of Screw Hole of Mould: 50*60mm

    Size of Collecting Table: 660*1000 mm*50 mm

    Dimension: 1500*1125*2315mm (L*W*H) 

    Motor Capacity:7KW




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